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Deep Mettle Vol I will be appearing on Royal Road from 5 October 2022.

Jay Campbell can be found on the site under the author name "Voidstep".

The book itself will be released as a bi-weekly chapter-by-chapter serial under the volume title Pipes and Fusils. New chapters every Tuesday and Friday.

See you there!

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Deep Mettle Vol. II - Tools of War

"Little spark . . . you are changed . . ."

Antissa has come under Ratheine attack; not from the walls, but from below - her ancient pipes.

The flooded Hub threatens collapse of the Deep under the fortress, while the scheming Sanhedrin council creeps ever closer to removing Rusper Symphin as Viceroy; the engineer guilty of treason for protecting the refugees from Naemia.

Meanwhile, a Naemian boy enters the desert; tool to a nation on the brink. Armed with the Disc's arcane 'Sight', Florian Flint now takes his place on a secret task-force contingent led by the High Commander Plamen. Its urgent purpose - in nine days - to locate the hidden river system by which the Rath accessed the pipeworks: the key strategic advantage in Vorth's return to open war.

The Disc itself has other thoughts.


Cover art by Nataša Ilinčić

The Cycle Schyluscient is a prospective 5-part series of fantasy novels set in and around the isolated Inwold realms. The opening instalment of the series, Deep Mettle, will be released in 2 volumes; available from Amazon KDP in paperback and e-book formats. Cover art for both volumes is by Nataša Ilinčić.

Deep Mettle Vol I: Pipes and Fusils

1 November 2020 (Paperback)

7 November 2020 (Kindle Edition)

Deep Mettle Vol II: Tools of War


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Deep Mettle volume 1

Vol I

Pipes and Fusils

Deep Mettle volume 2; coming March 2021

Vol II

Tools of War