The Cycle Schyluscient:

Deep Mettle volume 1
Deep Mettle
Volume 1: Pipes and Fusils


The Inwold is broken. Years have passed since the Rath invaded Naemia and the 'holy' Celestri closed their doors to the world. Only Vorth remains a nation; the lonely outland of the desert.

But Rath are moving again. Desert forces have retreated to the fortress Antissa - seat of the Satrap and of high engineers - where, under constant threat of siege, the Chief Engineer maintains order.

Now, as last Naemian survivors take refuge at the fortress, Florian Flint is divided from his people in exile. A boy as wilful and broken as the Inwold realm itself, and astute beyond his years, he is thrown upon the mercy of the Engineering Guild. But he brings something more than his battered will to survive - a strange piece of metal that may hold a new threat.